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Meyer Trail cameras

Meyer Trail Cameras

Meyer Trail Cameras is a company for the hunter in mind. We look forward to bringing you a trail camera that meets all your specific needs in the field.  With our compact design and no glow IR leds  our cameras are undetected.  The superb quality of the Hit list line you will take amazing photos of your next hit lister.  Long battery life is key with Meyer trail cameras you don't have to constantly worry if your camera died after a couple weeks.

Meyer Trail Camera Trucker Hat

Our Meyer X-9 offers Low Glow IR

for our customers that would like a little extra light at night.  Extra Wide angle design with 130 degree view lets you not miss a single thing.  Offers Great video and amazing photos with long battery life.

The New Meyer X-Vision is our cell camera. It is built to put in those areas you would rather not go into a whole lot. Sends photos fast using the AT&T network.  You can control settings via the Meyer app. X-Vision is doing your homework for you.

Customer Service

Our customers are the most important part of Meyer Trail Cameras. We take pride in our cameras and our brand.  So we will do what it takes to make sure every customer is happy with our service.

New Products

Meyer Trail Cameras


Meyer Trail Cameras

X-Vision is our new cell camera. It has great range with 16mp image size for amazing photos. It also comes with 42 Black IR leds that goes out to 100 ft.  Settings on this camera can be controlled via the Meyer app. X-Vision is ideal for those places you don't want to go into a lot.             $114.99


Meyer Trail Camera HL-2

HL-2  Is a 10mp ultra compact work horse.  Fast trigger speed.  No glow flash. Easy set up. Long battery life. You will want to deploy these all over your place.           $99.99



X-9  Is a 16mp 130 Degree view ultra compact camera. 32 low glow leds with its wide angle you wont miss a thing.  Find out where that buck is coming and going from with the Meyer X-9.                                    $169.99